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Swiss Alps

Oh Switzerland! I LOVE you, so! As a young girl, I read the classic Swiss tale 'Heidi' and I became intrigued by the simplicity of life spent roaming around the beautiful, undeveloped countryside...a place ideal for enhancing a young imagination! Years passed, life presses on and to be honest, I never dreamed I would have the … Read More

Romantic Road to Austria

There are moments in life when even those with far-reaching and vast imaginations...can be truly stunned by the sheer wonder of this world. Driving along the … Read More

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Neuschwanstein Castle

Hey Y'all! Happy HUMP day to you! I'm SO excited to share our photos from our day at Neuschwanstein Castle! Following … Read More


Rothenburg has been called "Germany's Fairy Tale Dream Town". It was the village inspiration for 'Pinocchio', 'Harry … Read More

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Rhine Valley

Hello Loves! Following our adventures in London and Brussels, we traveled into Germany for a gorgeous cruise along … Read More