Rainbow Blessings

Our first night in New York City was much different than we imagined…

Upon reaching the grandeur of the Manhattan skyline, we were both speechless sitting among honking cabs and crowds of people! Oh sure–we expected all these things of NYC but when you are actually moving to New York with no turning back…things just got real! Dinner and unpacking were oddly quiet as well. Our usual chatty convos were reduced to long stares and unsure expressions. Ahh– the twinge of Mover’s Remorse; which is actually worse than Buyer’s Remorse because there is no return policy! No money back guarantee!

So, what’s a girl to do? I got my praying knees to work and began earnestly praying for a sign, a hint, something, or anything to show us New York was exactly where God wanted us to be!

The next morning we were eager to get some fresh air and hopefully, a fresh perspective! A walk on the Hudson was in order!



After strolling along for a while, we both looked up to the sky and saw the most beautiful rainbow in the sky! My uneasiness completely melted away and I knew God was sending us a wink & a smile from heaven through the rainbow. I am so thankful for our rainbow blessing! Finally, we were able to breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy our new adventure!

Rainbow Blessing

The Road Less Traveled

Whew! Since leaving NYC my hubby was offered the position! Hoorah for him!
Oh wait—I almost forgot! We are building a custom home and finally putting down some roots. Just a slightly large obstacle in the way of us packing up and moving to the city.

Making a life altering decision such as moving to NYC is difficult and even more challenging in the midst of building a custom home. At one point, I felt as though I had been immersed into Robert Frost’s poem ‘The Road Not Taken’. We were at a crossroads with two different paths ahead. One path was safe, secure and comfortable. The other path was simply the unknown- exciting but also unfamiliar. What if we make the wrong decision?



Together we came to the realization that life really should be a grand adventure and we should chase our dreams! Do the unexpected and seek new places!


Indeed, we will take the Road Less Traveled. Fingers crossed it makes all the difference…

New York Came a Callin’

New York City came a callin’ on my hubby in July! Truthfully, the Big Apple had recruited him several times prior. A handful of times over the years he would receive calls, fly to interview, receive a job offer, but ultimately the offers were never the right fit.

My hubby agreed to the interview and we decided to stay the weekend in NYC! After years of contemplating the idea of moving to NYC, I thought we should contact several NYC Real Estate agents to show us apartments. We needed to realistically evaluate whether any job offer would be enough for us to move. Could we even see ourselves living in NYC?

Much to our surprise, the weekend in NYC was blissful! It was relaxing and yet exciting at the same time.


Knock on Wood

We love rustic, knotted wood floors and knew we wanted wood flooring throughout Sweet Home Carolina! Luckily, we obtained all the wood needed for our flooring from family land!

We moved several truckloads of wood to store in my parent’s barn until the wood flooring is needed for the house. Even though it was hard work- it was such a blessing to spend time with the family in the mountains!

photo 5

Wood-Knock on Wood




KTBarn-Kock on Wood